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i'll kick you in the dick ([personal profile] togekiss) wrote in [community profile] sburb2012-09-03 01:10 pm

check your privilege

Buncha homestucks

x12 Meenah Peixes
X8 Aranea Serket
x7 Porrim Maryam
x10 Latula Pyrope
x3 Kankri Vantas
x4 Aradia Megido
x4 Rose Lalonde
x3 Dave Strider
x1 Kanaya Maryam
x1 Karkat Vantas
x1 Dirk Strider
x7 Ancestor sprites (the leaked ones, so if you don't want to be spoiled don't look)

Leaked Ancestor sprites ahead!! Turn back now!!

Okay they're gone.
Comments and credits are appreciated but not required. Enjoy!

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