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i'll kick you in the dick ([personal profile] togekiss) wrote in [community profile] sburb2012-10-05 08:29 am


hey dudes if there's a series or whatever you'd like to see me icon let me know here! i am in desperate need of new stuff to icon... 95% of what i icon is homestuck i need a bit more variety!!

sooo pretty much just link me whatever! i've never colored manga before (i usually do black and white bases) but i can try. same goes for live action lmao.

whatever you recommend be it a series or just one character in particular please provide a link to where i can get some decent quality images :') thank you!

ps there's no complete guarantee i'll icon what you suggest, sorry!

so far:
- teen wolf
- team fortress 2
- bioshock

also psa: i'm going to stop tagging character names in posts unless i do like, a good number of the same character. typically when i do that i mean for it be a rp set, so i want to make it easier for rpers to find their character.