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i'll kick you in the dick ([personal profile] togekiss) wrote in [community profile] sburb2013-06-21 11:35 pm

buh bye

to put it bluntly i no longer have the drive/interest to keep posting to this community, i've lost interest in most fandoms/the rp scene (for which i mostly made my icons in mind for) and just iconning in general so i think it's about time i pack up and move on to greener pastures. i'm very, very sorry to the people who posted in the spam post, but like i said i've really lost the drive :(

anyway, this being probably one of the more coveted usernames on dw, i don't want to let this comm go to waste, so i'm giving it away! i have no preference as to what you plan to use this for, i just ask that you plan to be active with it, so telling me your plans will probably help your cause. there's no deadline for this or anything, i'm just gonna give the comm to whoever seems like they'll be active with it.

i hate to do this since i passed 80 subscribers, thank you all so much for sticking with me for so long <3 i plan on posting all of my entries into my dw as an archive, in case anyone still wants to use them. shine on you crazy diamonds.