01 May 2013 @ 10:25 am

yeah i just grabbed the first gif i could find...

anyway yeah i'm bored so i figure i'd put up a spam post! you can link me as many images as you want and i'll try to icon as many as i can but there's no guarantee. i would appreciate if you mentioned the fandom (and also the artists' name if it's fanart), but it's no big deal since i'll just probably reply to your comment with the icons when i'm done. let me know if you'd like any images to be made into plurk or any other different kinds of icons (i may just do it myself though). also please make sure the images are of decent quality or else i won't be able to icon them!

i can icon manga but it'll just be one of those snazzy b&w sets that are all the craze these days. i don't icon live action often but i'll give it a shot!

this is open idk for how long i'll close it whenever.
11 December 2012 @ 10:21 am

✰ this post is open FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH, you don't have to post all of your images at once, feel free to come back and dump more!

✰ i will reply to your comment with each batch i make, there won't be a separate post with the finished icons since it'll be ongoing.

✰ as with all spam posts, i'll try but there's no guarantee i can icon everything.

please provide hq images or your icon will come out crappy or there will be no icon at all!

✰ if you'd like plurk or lastfm icons specifically let me know! or i might make them for you regardless.

✰ nsfw/gifs are fine, i don't icon liveaction much but i'll give it a shot. i color but it's really basic.
25 October 2012 @ 11:40 am

✰✰✰ SPAM POST ✰✰✰
ok i'm really just bored so spam me with yo images and i will icon them yep. you can post as many as you want, and i'll try to make everyone icons but there's no guarantee i'll icon all of the images you post! also please tell me the fandom, and if it's fanart the artist's name so i can add them to my list of resources. also let me know if you want certain images to be plurk or lastfm icons or just whatever you want. also i guess let me know if you want these to be shareable? whatever floats your boat. i will also icon gifs!

uhh i'll leave this open for however long, i don't really care about timie limits i just need stuff to icon ok ty ty.

also the golden rule of request posts: provide good quality images or else your icon will either come out looking bad or i just won't icon the image at all.