05 December 2012 @ 12:22 pm
oop sorry these requests took so long, hope u enjoy~

x 50 requests
x 14 the legend of korra
x 8 homestuck
x 12 rise of the guardians (shut up)
x 23 plurk (adventure time, korra, rise of the guardians, madoka, homestuck, gravity falls, misc)

show me the booty )
here's a friday gift from me to you
the spam post is still open btw!
x 72 homestuck
x 10 ace attorney (all mia fey)
x 51 the legend of korra/avatar: the last airbender (all princess yue)
x 6 misc (anastasia, revolutionary girl utena)
x 8 plurk (homestuck, the legend of korra, gravity falls, game of thrones)

and i need to save you but who's going to save me )
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